Client-centric Legal Services in Philadelphia

Harper J. Dimmerman, Attorney at Law, is proud to provide the strongest legal representation for a variety of legal matters in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Attorney Dimmerman handles personal injury (new area), legal malpractice law (new area), residential and commercial real estate law and civil litigation. Whether you are considering suing your attorney for malpractice or a conflict of interest, buying or selling real estate, having a dispute with your landlord or tenant or defending yourself in court, Attorney Dimmerman is ready to help. He handles confession of judgment litigation, quiet title litigation, boundary disputes, partition suits, adverse possession claims, condominium/cooperative disputes, landlord/tenant litigation, business disputes, legal malpractice claims, small claims court matters, appellate litigation, seller disclosure fraud cases, home warranty claims, consumer protection matters, sheriff sale/tax sale challenges, foreclosure defense litigation and more. 

Hourly, flat and contingency fees are available. If for some reason your specific legal issue is not referenced in the list below, Mr. Dimmerman will still confer with you and make a recommendation to the lawyer or law firm best suited to handle your matter. The office is conveniently located in center city Philadelphia. Call now: (215) 545-0600 or email: