Philadelphia Homeowner Association Law

Homeowner Association Attorney, Philadelphia

A Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is a legal entity that governs a subdivision, condominium or townhome development, or planned community. HOA membership is mandatory for all property owners within the development. The HOA is run by a board, which is bound by the HOA bylaws, and board positions are filled by election or appointment. The HOA collects a fee assessment from all owners to maintain common areas, address legal and safety issues, and enforce restrictions that are applicable to that particular residential area. The HOA also provides residents with a platform to address common concerns of the community. Attorney Dimmerman’s vast knowledge of real estate law, as both a practitioner and a professor, are particularly useful in this area. Attorney Dimmerman recently handled major condominium litigation in Philadelphia County, bringing suit on behalf of approximately thirty (30) unit owners as a result of allegations of fraud against the developer. He has also represented individuals against the Association and an Association against a management company. Attorney Dimmerman is also equipped to handle issues involving cooperatives and personally served on the Board of his own condominium Association, giving him even greater insight into the process.