Philadelphia Landlord & Tenant Law

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Tenant rights and landlord disputes typically are governed by state property and contract law. A lease or a rental agreement defines the length of the rental term, the price paid, penalties for late payments, and the amount of notice required before either the landlord or the tenant may cancel the lease. The landlord law invokes the duty to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition in view of all the circumstances. Additionally, state or local landlord tenant law sets the requirements for evicting a tenant, which may occur for only a limited number of reasons before the tenancy expires. In Philadelphia County, it is vital that the proper licenses be obtained; he can assist with this prior to entering into a contract. Attorney Dimmerman handles both commercial and residential landlord-tenant matters, including drafting leases. Parties to commercial leasing arrangements should be keenly aware of confession of judgment clauses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Attorney Dimmerman has been successful in litigating confession of judgment and commercial lease disputes.