Philadelphia Legal Malpractice Attorney

Legal Malpractice/Conflicts of Interest in Philadelphia

When an attorney’s negligence causes harm to a client, that party may have legal redress in the form of a legal malpractice claim. Attorney Dimmerman considers both Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey malpractice cases for contingency fee representation. The statute of limitation for negligence in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is two (2) years and the aggrieved client must bring suit within this time period; the period ordinarily commences on the date the client discovered or reasonably should have discovered the error, even if that client is still being represented by the same attorney. Thus, it is vital that you contact Attorney Dimmerman now for a free case evaluation. For example, the statute of limitation would begin to run when your attorney loses at the lowest court level, despite the fact that the matter may be on appeal. In Pennsylvania, it may also be possible to recover malpractice damages under the four (4) year statute of limitation. If you believe that your lawyer made a mistake that caused you financial harm, you may be entitled to compensation. Finally, if you have knowledge that your lawyer’s representation of you or your company was in conflict with another party, you may also have a valid basis to file suit.

This is a new area for Mr. Dimmerman.