Philadelphia Litigation & Lawsuits

Litigation & Lawsuit Attorney, Philadelphia

Attorney Dimmerman’s boutique litigation practice can accommodate the needs of a whole host of litigants in a highly cost-effective setting. Whether a dispute is in its infancy or has escalated into mature litigation, Attorney Dimmerman always strives to achieve the most sensible and cost-effective outcomes. His responsiveness and attention to detail is second to none, as clients over the past approximate decade have discovered. Municipal (Magisterial District), Common Pleas, District Court and various Appellate level matters shall be considered, along with flexible fee structures. Attorney Dimmerman handles litigation in both the state and federal court systems. Examples of the litigation matters Attorney Dimmerman handles are as follows: real estate litigation, legal malpractice, conflict of interest litigation, commercial disputes, civil defense, quiet title matters, partition suits, adverse possession, ejectment, boundary dispute, small claims court matters, defamation, foreclosure defense, confession of judgment, TIC litigation, seller disclosure fraud, consumer protection matters, sheriff sale/tax sale challenges and other types.